Bill Groce, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

The principal sum in this endowment fund and the income there from shall be held and used for the sole purpose of the award of a scholarship, and for no other purpose. The award will be made in two equal payments to the recipient(s).
Payment will be made at registration for classes in the Fall and Spring. The recipient(s) of this scholarship must be involved in Athletics with preference given to a student playing football. The recipient(s) must have a strong academic background, a strong work ethic, good personality traits, and display excellent professional potential.

The scholarship does not have to be awarded if there are no qualified applicants.
The recipient will be chosen by the UAM Scholarship Committee. The scholarship will pay the cost of tuition for at least one recipient.
If the income received in a calendar year will support additional awards then they will be made.
Any balance remaining after the award(s) will be credited to the principal amount on September 1, of each year.

Mrs. Lee Ann Tadel