Wesley United Methodist Church of McGehee Founder's Scholarship

1. This endowment fund and the amount appropriated for expenditure therefrom by the Foundation shall be held and used for the sole purpose of the award of scholarships, administrative expenses in accordance with the spending policy of the Foundation, and for no other purposes.
2. The recipient(s) of this scholarship must:
a. Be a resident of Desha or Chicot County, Arkansas.
b. Be a full-time student of any major leading to an associates degree or bachelor’s degree at either the UAM College of Technology at McGehee or the University of Arkansas at Monticello campus.
c. Have and maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.50; and
d. Have strong academic standards and, most importantly, have an extremely strong work ethic with a passion to make a difference in the world.
3. First preference shall be given to an otherwise qualified recipient(s) who is active in a Christian church.
4. The scholarship shall be awarded based upon merit and need.
5. The scholarship may be renewed for one additional year if the selection criteria are met. Otherwise, it will be forfeited and become available to another student(s) who meets the criteria.
6. The recipient(s) shall be selected by the UAM College of Technology-McGehee Scholarship Committee.
7. The amount appropriated for expenditure from this endowed fund shall be awarded as a scholarship to pay toward the cost of tuition, required fees, and books for at least one recipient. If the amount appropriated for expenditure in a fiscal year will support additional awards then they may be made.
8. The recipient(s) shall not receive cash from this scholarship.
9. The scholarship does not have to be awarded if there are no qualified applicants.
10. At the University’s discretion, any funds not awarded in a year may be added to the endowment fund or carried over to later years.

Wesley United Methodist Church of McGehee