B. C. Pickens Endowed Scholarship

  • The recipient(s) of this scholarship must be a full-time student of any major, with preference given to a student with ties to Pickens, Arkansas.
  • Further preference will be given to an Agriculture major with ties to Pickens, Arkansas.
  • If no qualified applicant has ties to Pickens, then an agriculture major from elsewhere in Desha County, Arkansas, may be considered.
  • The recipient(s) must have a high school grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or better, a strong work ethic, good personality traits, and display excellent professional potential.

This scholarship shall be awarded based on need, subject to meeting all other qualifications.

This scholarship is awarded for only the upcoming fall semester if the applicant meets the GPA and enrollment requirements specified for the award.

Mr. Freddie Black